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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Setting Intentions

After my unassisted pregnancy and birth, I realized that the internet community can compensate some advice and support lacking in my own community.  A great deal of my first pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and elimination communication experiences were supported through reading books, articles, and blogs for advice.  Although I am grateful to have access to such information, none were culturally relevant. I felt bonded with these natural mamas, but the added element of colonization left a divide between us that was never addressed.  Motherhood can be lonely.  As a doula, I intimately council other women of color. But what if I could reach the women who had no one to relate to as a sister?  Struggling to raise your family against colonialist ideals is a uniting experience for all women. I hope that sharing my experiences provides refuge, advice, encouragement and a healing space for Indigenous mothers like me.  

My seeds, my precious boys and I.          


  1. can I contact you with questions on infant pottying, I'm due next month with my second child & I am set on making it work :) I will also be tandem nursing him and my 24 month daughter :)

  2. i love how you express yourself about your lovely experience among your husband and your sons'...this is really going to help me and my family thank you for sharing your words!

  3. Hey sister you have a gift for words, thank you for sharing with such intimacy. I laughed many times because I could relate to much of what you were saying and look forward to seeing you more along with the tandem feeders. We have yet to coordinate our schedules and have a play date but will keep on trying. With lots of love Ayopechtli

  4. LOL "the tandem feeders"! Thanks, Ayopechtli, I need porras sometimes. It's HARD to be the mama I want to be AND blog. haha. Maybe I'll blog about our play date? :P