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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mujer: A poem from my pregnancy journal

My pregnancy journal holds my most intimate emotions, dreams, thoughts and plans.  It is a capirotada of expression, containing: to-do lists; journal entries; birth art; notes; quotes; poetry; and more.  Beginning from the time I realized I was pregnant, it documents my struggle for a holistic pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience.  Although it falls under the category of "Unassisted Pregnancy and Childbirth", nothing went unassisted.  Whether directly giving me expert advice, or just by dandome porras, I had the assistance, support and inspiration of many strong mothers.  This poem is for you: the women who helped reshape my whole self, inspiring me to go through my hardest life's work with a smile in amazement.  I wrote this for all of the mujeres I know.

You are the the masked woman
Dark, armed 
Cotton skirt and blouse
Captive and warrior coupled
Shrouded in your rebozo
bare-breasted, suckling baby

You are the voice-
guitar on your lap
fingers nobly strumming
patiently waiting
Weaving a web of Libertad

whose food sustains un mundo para todos

Barefoot dancer 
Moving like wind, water, 
Sending divine prayers into 
the only truth in existance

You are Healer and Priestess
I am you.
Every Victim and perpetrator
Every Mother nurturing life.
Now is the time to hold eachother

in our hearts and sing
One Song
Fight one battle
Plant together seeds of roots revolution.

Our new time has begun
together as one.

This is our call for liberty and struggle
for a better world
one familia at a time
¡viva la mujer!

Mujeres Zapatistas
Check out the daughters right beside and behind their mamas!
One heart, one mind, one voice

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