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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Matriz y Concha

Creative visualization during vaginal steams. Blossom OC, Huntington Beach.

Vaginal steam blend, left. Womb tea, right.
 As I settle in from my trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, tormented by ronquera and lingering car-sickness- I can't help but feel alive, refreshed and loved. Teaching self-womb massage, womb oil blending, vaginal steaming, feminine herbal blends and castor-oil packs, to 17 eager participants was beyond fun!

Pouring vaginal steam bath into basin.
I forgot that only a few months ago, I launched my intensive, hoping for students to show- and if they did, that my electricity wouldn't be disconnected in the middle of my PowerPoint. After a short month of job searching, and juggling my business on the side- I realized that the universe would support me if I surrendered to my calling. I just had to wait for the courageous- even desperate moment to take the step. 

Matriz y Concha, first round.
I put together handouts from my private consultations, developed a hands-on, practical curriculum- and vamonos.

"You have to have EVERYTHING figured out. I mean, COME on! These people are paying you MONEY!", my mom encouraged me in her own way.

 Learning self-womb massage. LB, CA
I knew the first session was a test of my 10 years of "just wing-it" style teaching... but I still took notes for future reference, and talked for hours with my amazing business strategist, close friends, and members of my collective.

A few rounds later, my husband and I are still adjusting. Now that I'm able to contribute financially, I'm cool, sassy, and entitled. I don't make 50 percent of the income, but still, as a working mom, I expect him to watch the kids 50 percent of the time, and take them off my hands so I can work. He no-like-it. I'm obligated to play the whole working-mom role everyday. It's a great experience for my children. Akinyemi helps my clients learn about cultured foods, the process of fermentation, and nutrition- he even hands them samples.  I just wish my husband were there to intervene when Akinyemi gets distracted and rides his bike through my office, butt-naked.
He was my warrior, taxi, techie and roadie in ABQ.

Working to integrate yet another identity into my practice, relationship, and daily life has been the biggest struggle for me. I thought it would just fall into place, like everything else had.  I can't predict where this transition will take us, but as my dear friend, Meadow says, "Take one step, and the universe takes a thousand more with you".
Matriz y Concha: Learning Lifelong Self-womb Care. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Always blessed. "Matriz y Concha: Learning Lifelong Self-womb Care". Abq, NM.